7 Things You Should Do Every Morning (Stoic Routine)
7 Things You Should Do Every Morning (Stoic Routine)
Unlock the ancient secrets of Stoicism to supercharge your mornings and set a powerful tone for the day!

Dive into a transformative 17-minute journey that unveils 7 Stoic practices to cultivate inner peace, resilience, and purposeful living. From the wise words of Marcus Aurelius to the empowering embrace of Amor Fati, this guide is your key to living in harmony with both triumphs and trials.

Dive deep into the Stoic wisdom that has empowered great thinkers for centuries and discover actionable practices to rejuvenate your morning rituals:

  • 0:00 Introductory quote of Marcus Aurelius
  • 0:37 Habit #1 Reflect On The Transcient Nature Of Life
  • 2:19 Habit #2 Journal Your Thoughts
  • 4:29 Habit #3 Set Daily Intentions Not Goals
  • 6:43 Habit #4 Embrace Discomfort
  • 9:06 Habit #5 Practice Mindfulness And Meditation
  • 11:32 Habit #6 Revisit Stoic Teachings
  • 14:15 Habit #7 Practice Amor Fati

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