Nelly Furtado: Tiny Desk Concert
Nelly Furtado: Tiny Desk Concert
Nelly Furtado’s career has spanned a quarter-century, not to mention tens of millions of records sold, so it’s tough to fit all the highlights into a single Tiny Desk concert. But damned if Furtado didn’t at least try.

Her set featured a bunch of her biggest hits (“Promiscuous,” “Say It Right,” “I’m Like A Bird,” “Maneater”), her remix of Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On” and, yes, a brand-new single called “Love Bites.” In all, 11 tracks — some of them complete, some of them truncated into medleys — made the cut.

For this set, Furtado assembled eight of her favorite veteran collaborators, who joined her in organically re-creating her busy, glitchy pop sound without relying on backing tracks. That meant incorporating everything from a violin to cowbell to beatboxing to scratching courtesy of DJ Lil Jaz — Furtado and Lil Jaz have a daughter together, Nevis, who served as the set’s creative director — in a performance that felt like a victory lap, a greatest-hits reel and a homecoming all at once.


  • “Say It Right” - 0:00
  • “Explode” - 1:23
  • “Powerless (Say What You Want)” - 3:25
  • “Promiscuous” - 4:45
  • “All Good Things (Come To An End)” - 9:09
  • “I'm Like A Bird” - 10:31
  • “Get Ur Freak On (Remix)” - 12:30
  • “Love Bites” - 14:11
  • “Eat Your Man” - 15:18
  • “Give It To Me” - 16:02
  • “Maneater” aka “Eat Your Man” - 17:43


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