Automatic Negative Thoughts - Break the Anxiety Cycle
Automatic Negative Thoughts - Break the Anxiety Cycle
Automatic negative thoughts are involuntary, habitual thoughts that focus on negatives, exaggerate problems, or predict disaster.

The impact of automatic negative thoughts is profound; they can distort your perspective, trigger strong emotions, and influence behavior in harmful ways. For example, you might not go to a social activity because your automatic negative thought says “You’ll have a terrible time,” and that can lead to missed opportunities, isolation, and a cycle of feeling worse and worse.

In this video you’ll learn about the automatic negative thoughts that fuel the anxiety cycle and lead to feeling overwhelmed or hopeless. You probably aren’t even aware of the types of thoughts that take you there, so we’ll explore them. And then we’ll talk about both a CBT and ACT approach to dealing with them.  

Let me tell you a story about the invisible thing that fuels anxiety and depression. And then I’m going to teach you some skills to stop letting it control you and how you feel. 

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