10 Minute Fix For Abs
10 Minute Fix For Abs
This is a quick 10 minute burnout of the abs. This workout is not part of the main 21 day schedule, but can be used as a supplemental routine, whenever you want to do a little extra to hit the abs. This is a straight 10 minutes with no breaks.

The Exercises
Exercise #1 – Crunches
Just standard crunches lying on your mat, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Keep your hands by the ears in a crunch position. Remember every exercise is 20 reps.

Exercise #2 – Table Top
Lift the feet off the ground so that they are higher than your bent knees. Now crunch in this position.

Exercise #3 – Crunches with Right Leg
Now straighten the right leg and extend it in the air. Keep the left leg how it was in table top. Crunch in this position.

Exercise #4 – Crunches with Left Leg
Switch the legs and continue crunching, with the left leg straight.

Exercise #5 – Cross Crunches
Now lift both leg straight in the air with the feet flexed, your body should in a reverse in a L shape. Keep your head off the ground in a slight crunch and alternate lifting your hands as high as you can on the opposite leg. This twist activates your obliques.

Exercise #6 – Tap Crunches
Get back in the standard crunch position. Now each time you crunch, lift your knees up towards your elbows at the top. This activates your lower abs into the move.

Exercise #7 – Twist Crunches – R
Put the right foot on the left knee, crossing the legs and extend the right arm straight out to your side. Now crunch to the right, bringing your left elbow towards the right knee. This is the same as the Oblique Crunches in Total Body Cardio Fix.

Exercise #8 – Twist Crunches – L
Now switch sides.

Exercise #9 – Oblique Crunches – R
Twist both knees to your right on top of each other, while keeping your chest pointed to the ceiling. Crunch in this postion, targeting your oblique muscle.

Exercise #10 – Oblique Crunches – L
Now switch sides.

Exercise #11 – Bicycles
Get back in the standard crunch position. This time crunch and bring one knee in to the elbow at the top, while the other leg is straight ahead. Alternate back and forth. Keep the head and both legs off the ground the entire time.

There is no break here. We immediately repeat all 11 exercises for 20 reps each again.

Exercise #11 – Ankle Crosses
No break, we go right into a couple bonus moves. Put your forearms on the ground and lean back, with your legs straight, 6 inches of the ground. Now alternate bringing one ankle on top of the other. These are the Scissors for Insane Abs, in Insanity.

Exercise #12 – Flutter Kicks
Stay in the same position, but this time alternate kicking each foot up a few inches higher than the other. Make sure to keep the feet flexed and off the floor. At the end of the move lie down and stretch your arms behind you. We also do this exercise, in Insane Abs.

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