The Origins of Breaking, the Newest Olympic Sport
The Origins of Breaking, the Newest Olympic Sport
Breaking (or breakdancing), an acrobatic dance style with its roots in New York's hip hop culture, is making its Olympic debut in this year's Summer Games in Paris.

Correspondent Luke Burbank talks with Victor Montalvo (a.k.a. B-Boy Victor), who will be competing for breaking gold; and with founding members of the b-boy group New York City Breakers, who came up with some of the sport's original moves in the Bronx back in the late 1970s and early '80s.

Something else to ponder.  Many breakdancing elements have been required in the men's floor routines for decades now.  So it's already been performed at the Olympics.  Why not as a full event of its own using all elements of its style and not just a few floor tricks.

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