11 Things You Should Quietly Eliminate from Your Life
11 Things You Should Quietly Eliminate from Your Life
No need to announce the world or social media what you're planning. Just do it in silence. Release it all for your own well being.


  1. People who hurt you: move on without justification. We are not obligated to associate with people who harm us or who don’t value us. 
  2. Unnecessary goals: Abandon certain goals in order to prioritize the path that aligns best with your essence. 
  3. Relationships — friendships or romance — do not share intimate details. No one has the right to know about fights, etc., which only fuels gossip. Analyze behaviors quietly without sharing. Don’t broadcast private matters. Preserve privacy and dignity of all involved. 
  4. Avoid raising your voice when stressed. Redirect energy to actions with beneficial results. 
  5. Avoid sharing your judgments with others about others. Speak ill of no one. Learn to be diplomatic. Always act intelligently. Immediately discard judgment from your consciousness. 
  6. Avoid constantly comparing yourself to others. Comparing is despairing. Value others’ paths, values, achievements. 
  7. Conscious use of social media: your life is a book full of fascinating stories, learnings, adventures. Again, diving into social media invites comparing (which is dispairing). Enter social media intent on looking for exactly what you need then return to your own story, your own book.
  8. The pursuit of external approval. Value your own inner voice (again, comparing is despairing). Self-acceptance is an on-going process and every small victory counts. Cultivate relationships that support and encourage you to be your best; with people that respect your individuality and encourage you to express your true essence. Be your own protagonist, write your own story with the ink of authenticity and courage.
  9. Close chapters in your life (e.g. relationships, work) with grace and dignity. Each experience prepares you for what’s next. Maintain dignity and privacy for all involved. 
  10. Let go of unrealistic expectations. Question the source of your expectations: are they truly yours or have they been imposed by external influences (e.g. society, culture, media)? Detach from inauthentic expectations. Ask yourself: do these reflect who I really am? Do they lift me up or do they weigh me down? Acceptance is all — acceptance of who you are, where you are in your journey, circumstances in or out of your control. Remember: The journey is what matters. 
  11. Eliminate all gossip and negativity. Every word we speak is a seed we plant in the garden of our lives and the lives of others. Choose words of support, encouragement, positivity, and thereby sow seeds of kindness and understanding.

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