What Is MSG, and Is It Actually Bad for You?
What Is MSG, and Is It Actually Bad for You?
Dig into the seasoning known as MSG, and find out how this flavoring was developed and if it’s actually bad for your health.

In 1968, Dr. Robert Ho Man Kwok felt ill after dinner at a Chinese restaurant and wrote a letter to a medical journal connecting his symptoms to MSG. His letter would change the world’s relationship with MSG, inspiring international panic, biased science, and sensationalist journalism for the next 40 years. So what is this seasoning, and is it actually bad for you?


Bottom Line: It's fine in moderation. Just like any other food (including fruits and vegetables). There is no proof of it being bad. There have been a small number of cases with side effects (none causing death) but they cannot be definitively connected to MSG. Just "coincidence".

Read further at the Mayo Clinic (or any other reputable medical journal/site).

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