Unsolved Mysteries: Behind the Legacy
Unsolved Mysteries: Behind the Legacy
Unsolved Mysteries: Behind the Legacy is an hour-long tribute to the iconic series that shaped future generations of true crime TV.

Sitting down with co-creators Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove, along with long-time producers and directors of the show, fans will get to pull back the curtain and experience their favorite show in a whole new light. The crew divulges behind the scenes stories, covering all aspects of the show from research to filming to solving mysteries. With never-before-seen outtakes of beloved host Robert Stack and a look into some fan-favorite cases, Unsolved Mysteries:

Behind the Legacy honors one of television’s most enduring and iconic shows, as well as the fans who were integral to its success. The creators note that it is the loyal viewers who proved what the show always stood for: that someone, somewhere knows the truth.

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