Shoe Designer Christian Louboutin Is Now A Billionaire
Shoe Designer Christian Louboutin Is Now A Billionaire
After four decades of keeping his well-heeled clients in his iconic red-soled heels, shoe designer Christian Louboutin is now a billionaire. The 61-year-old designer is stepping into the billionaire ranks thanks to his eponymous fashion brand.

While still best-known for its towering stilettos and perilous platforms, the Louboutin brand has expanded into sneakers, bags, and beauty products, as well as lines for men and children.

The company was valued at $3.2 billion last year by Exor, the investment company of Italy’s Agnelli family, which bought a 24% stake in 2021 for about $650 million. Louboutin still owns 35%—which Forbes values at $1.1 billion.

That stake makes up most of an estimated $1.2 billion fortune that includes other investments such as the Vermelho Hotel, a luxury resort he opened in southern Portugal last year. Representatives for Louboutin didn’t respond to requests for a comment on the valuation.

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