Karma's a Bitch
Karma's a Bitch
Another twist in the silly little JoJo Siwa tale has arrived – her new single Karma was recorded by an artist by the name of Brit Smith back in 2012, has a full on music video that even has Timbaland pop up in it.

A little background.  The song was written with Miley Cyrus (2011) in mind but she didn't want it.  So it was offered to Brit Smith (2012).  She intended on it being released as a single but her producers had another song in mind and it got scrapped.  The company instead made her release "Provocative" as the leading single and "Karma" got shelved indefinitely.  Never to see the light of day. So at this point (2012) it got scrapped by both Miley and Brit.

Twelve years later it was offered to Jojo by her producers.  Once it was released by Jojo; someone from Brit's camp decided to release her version without her knowledge anyway. 

Personally, I like both for different reasons.  Their music and vibe is different.  I do however like Brit's more.

Here are both of their music videos and an exclusive interview with Brit Smith and Page Six explaining what happened.  Although Jojo is getting "flack" for it there's really no big story.

JoJo Siwa - Karma (2024)

Brit Smith - Karma's a Bitch (2012)

EXCLUSIVE: Brit Smith shares how she originally recorded Jojo Siwa’s ‘Karma’ back in 2012

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