Mütter Museum Of Human Oddities
Mütter Museum Of Human Oddities
The Mütter Museum is a medical history and science museum located in the Center City area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It contains a collection of anatomical and pathological specimens, wax models, and antique medical equipment. The museum is part of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

For those that love paranormal stories, this is a series for you. Below are links to the Audiobook versions of a series by Jesse MacBeth along with a description of each book in the series.

Mala'ik Book 1: A dark story of Love, paradise, and hell. This is the life of Mala’ik. An angel that was outcasted from paradise for his love for a mortal. He has wandered the earth for centuries searching for the reborn soul of the women he had condemned to hellfire. This is his story. His life as an immortal imprisoned among humanity.

Semia Book 2: Semia, the innocent Egyptian princess who damned herself to the fires of hell. She blames the angel Mala'ik for her torment. After centuries of burning, she is suddenly released from hell. She is a beautiful monster who must feed off the essence of children to sustain her beauty and strength. She now wanders through the ages of men eager to find Mala'ik and get her revenge.

Andrid Book 3: The sad dark tale of a jinn who loved his brother so much that he stood with him against God. A jinn who has walked through the ages of man, Andrid has suffered and loved like no creation ever has. Throughout his eons upon Earth, he learned one simple truth. “To be loved by God is to suffer.”

Woman’s Final Wish Was to Display Her Skeleton at Philly Museum

Medical Oddities from the Bowels of the Mütter

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