Meet the Musical Talents of Gaten Matarazzo
Meet the Musical Talents of Gaten Matarazzo
If you have ever watched Stranger Things - new season coming in 2025 - then you know Gaten as Dustin Henderson. Did you know he could sing?

He's currently on Broadway in the musical Sweeney Todd with Josh Groban. He's very, VERY musical.  

Some of Gates Stage Credits:

Broadway Revival, 2023
[Los Angeles]
Hollywood Bowl Revival, 2019
Original Broadway Production, 2016
Jared Kleinman [Replacement]
Broadway Revival, 2014
Gavroche (Alternate)
Original Broadway Production, 2011
Benji (Alternate) [Replacement]

Check out an interview on his experience in Sweeney Todd along with some of his musical genious.

Gaten Matarazzo shares the ups and downs of performing Sweeney Todd on Broadway!

The Ballad of Sweeney Todd – Tony Awards 2023

Gaten Matarazzo singing a Sweeney Todd song

A Day With 11-Year-Old Les Misérables Star Gaten Matarazzo

Joshua Colley performing with Gaten Matarazzo and the cast of Les Miserables at 54 Below

Gaten Matarazzo, Sutton Foster and More: Inside INTO THE WOODS Rehearsals at the Hollywood Bowl 2019

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