The Lennon Sisters
The Lennon Sisters
The Lennon Sisters were a singing group consisting of four siblings: Dianne, Peggy, Kathy, and Janet. They were all born in Los Angeles, California.

These singers debuted on The Lawrence Welk Show in 1955 after their school classmate, Larry Welk, son of Lawrence Welk, brought them to the attention of his father. They were a mainstay on the show until they left to start a career of their own in 1968. The quartet was only three members from 1960 to 1964; oldest sister Dianne got married, left the group, and then rejoined them again.

Over the decades, they recorded many albums. Their first album was on Brunswick Records and later on Coral, Dot, Ranwood and Mercury. They have recently released four CD volumes of songs taken from their own ABC-TV show.

Years Active

    • 1955 – present (68 years)


    • Dianne Lennon (1955 – present)
    • Janet Lennon (1955 – present)
    • Kathy Lennon (1955 – present)
    • Mimi Lennon (1992 – present)
    • Peggy Lennon (1955 – present)


The current line-up of the Lennon Sisters is a trio consisting of Kathy, Janet, and Mimi.

The Lennon Sisters

Do Re Mi (1960)

Can't Help Falling In Love (1962)

Swinging on a Star

Tonight You Belong To Me

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