Home (The Wiz)
Home (The Wiz)
"Home" is a song from the 1975 Broadway musical, The Wiz. It was written by Charlie Smalls and was performed by Stephanie Mills in the stage production and by Diana Ross in the 1978 film adaptation and released on the soundtrack album in 1978.

Stephanie Mills re-recorded the song for her 1989 album of the same name with background vocals by Take 6. The single release scored her another number one on the Billboard Hot Black Singles chart. The single was the last of five number ones for Mills on the R&B Singles chart.

Here are various versions on the same song.  All sung by amazing Black singers.  Which was your favorite?

Stephanie Mills (1989)

Diana Ross (The Wiz)

Whitney Houston (Live at The Merv Griffin Show, 1983)

Johnny Manuel (The Voice Australia 2020)

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