Poor Daniel Masturbates On Zoom Meeting
Poor Daniel Masturbates On Zoom Meeting
While people believed it at first when it made its viral rounds. It's actually an AD for Pornhub.

With people doing more and more digital meetings, we're getting a better look into people's day-to-day lives. I guess it was only a matter of time before something like this will happen.

One such meeting (kinda) took place in the video below. Daniel is hosting the group and suddenly gets up to go get something in the other room. I think he thinks his webcam is off and muted, but everyone else can clearly see what is about to happen.

“Ever since the start of the pandemic, we’ve all had to adapt to working from home pretty quickly, and for a lot of us, that meant being connected to your coworkers on video calls throughout the day,” said Alex Katz, co-founder of Officer & Gentleman, Pornhub’s long-running creative partner, in a statement. “But as we’ve seen recently, some people are still getting the hang of the technology.”

You have to watch it a couple of times so you can see everyone's reactions separately. I think Bennett in the lower left corner knew immediately what was about to happen as soon as Daniel returns with the lotion. Chris is too busy playing with his cat to notice at first. Sophia looks like she's second to figure it out. Then comes Mika in the middle. She knows something isn't right. Michael at the top right wasn't paying attention, but as soon as he looked up knows what's going down. Followed by Xelena, Chanel, and Sean.

Chris got straight on the phone to try and call him up and warn him. Daniel probably declined the call so that he could carry on.

The video cuts before Daniel starts in on himself, but there is some saucy language that makes this vid NSFW.

So as you're planning your digital meetings it's a good idea to keep your private time, private.

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