The Sound of the Stonewall Uprising
The Sound of the Stonewall Uprising
DJ and Producer Honey Dijon curates a new jukebox exhibit at the Stonewall National Monument Visitor Center, the site of the birthplace of the LGBTQ+ liberation movement in America.

To commemorate the opening of the Visitor Center, Honey Dijon has curated a recreation of the Stonewall jukebox from 1969. Honey selected songs that capture the rebellious spirit and collective joy of the Stonewall activists. Her thoughtfully selected tracks reflect life for LGBTQ+ people in 1969, and touch on themes of love, joy, and rebellion. She explains her approach to the project in this film. 

You can listen to the full tracklist on the REDISCOVER Stonewall Playlist,  check out Honey's curation notes on the REDISCOVER Stonewall Track by Track, or listen to Honey's own music on Amazon Music:

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