Legend of the Minotaur
Legend of the Minotaur
Shocking discoveries on the Greek island of Crete could shed new light on the Minotaur – a ferocious half-man, half-bull monster.

The tale of the Minotaur is one of the most famous of all the Greek myths.  This mutant half-man, half-bull monster was said to live inside a fiendish labyrinth on the island of Crete and devour its young victims.  What is the real-world inspiration behind this fantastical story?  Now evidence of human sacrifice and the skull of a huge extinct bull suggests that there may be more to this fable than we once thought.  Could a clue to the rise of the Minotaur myth lie in the cataclysmic collapse of one of Europe’s oldest civilisations – the Minoans?

For thousands of years, civilisations believed in mythical beasts – Dragons, Cyclops, Giants, Vampires and Sea Monsters.  They still fascinate us today, but where did the stories of these fabled creatures come from?  How much truth lies behind the legends, and what can these myths tell us about the medieval and ancient people that created in them?  This series combines action-packed location filming and computer-generated animation, with experts in archaeology and palaeontology, to unearth the secrets behind some of the most famous and terrifying mythical beasts.

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