How Renoir Revolutionised Art
How Renoir Revolutionised Art
Discover the trailblazing spirit of Auguste Renoir, one of the founders of impressionism, whose canvases shattered centuries of artistic convention. In "Renoir – Portrait of Changing Times," we see how Renoir took inspiration from the past, while transforming Parisian life undergoing societal change into timeless masterpieces.

Renoir's impressionistic strokes capture the pulse of 1870s Paris, a city reeling from war and revolutionary change, whilst incorporating Rococo references. This documentary explores the genesis of Renoir's vision, which melds tradition with the avant-garde.

As his son later wrote, “Renoir loved fairy tales. The everyday was like a fairy tale to him”. Like the fairytale world of Rococo Painting, Renoir’s impressionist works do not depict reality but create an alluring and beautiful fiction that still captures the imagination today.

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