Frankenstein is More Horrific Than You Might Think
Frankenstein is More Horrific Than You Might Think
Did you know the original Frankenstein’s Creature is a highly intelligent vegetarian who hates the idea of harming another living creature? Or that the author Mary Shelley came up with the idea for the original novel in a dream while on a holiday with her married lover? The “mad scientist” Frankenstein isn’t even really a doctor!

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was revolutionary text that pioneered the sci-fi genre. On the surface, it’s a novel about a scary monster, but Shelley’s sympathetic description of a soulful Creature makes us rethink who we label as the “monster”—an important question made increasingly relevant by the advances in technology and science we see today. Watch this episode to learn about the original novel, why it was created, and how (and why) popular culture continues to perpetuate the story hundreds of years later.

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