A Subtle Home of Concrete and Timber in Northern Scotland
A Subtle Home of Concrete and Timber in Northern Scotland
A contemporary new-build house, sitting within a sensitive context in the West of Aberdeen, and designed to provide a quiet home in the city, with a degree of privacy more akin to a rural house.

Replacing a dilapidated building on the site, the new house sensitively retains some of the existing stone walls to the outward facing aspect, creating a skin behind which the new structure is sited. An entrance colonnade leads to a secret garden, protected from the world outside by the new building. 

Board-marked concrete, larch cladding, and green roofing allows for the creation of a modern home in harmony with its surroundings, with a clear reference to the retained stone elements on the site. 

Respecting the existing topography of the site allows garden spaces to flow coherently between outside and in, resulting in a home which is designed around how the clients wish to live. 

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