Van Dyck: A Story of Rivalry and Fame
Van Dyck: A Story of Rivalry and Fame
Flemish Baroque artist Anthonis van Dyck is reknowned for his portraits, which brought him great fame and fortune. He is seen as the best - and most ambitious - pupil of Peter Paul Rubens. His teacher was both a great role model for him and an almost overpowering father figure from whom he fought to separate himself throughout his life. Van Dyck's ambitious history paintings from his early years in Antwerp bear witness to the artistic confrontation with his mentor.

Curators and restorers from the Alte Pinakothek in Munich have re-examined many paintings from the museum's collection and traced the development of the great artist. We experience the child prodigy's early fame and the process of cutting himself off from Rubens, which ultimately led him to the court of the English king.

Was his proximity to Rubens a curse or a blessing for the celebrated child prodigy? Almost 400 years after his death, answers to this question can be found in his paintings.

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