What life feels like at 101 - Betty Reid Soskin
What life feels like at 101 - Betty Reid Soskin
Betty Reid Soskin recently retired from being America's oldest park ranger, and is famous for tirelessly shedding light on the forgotten history of racial segregation in California.

But there's a hidden side to Betty she rarely talks about. Back in the 1950s, Betty and her family were the first African-Americans to integrate an all-white town in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she chronicled her experiences as a singer/songwriter, with a voice like Billie Holiday and the relevance of Nina Simone.

But she turned her back on a potential career in music, and her songs haven't been heard for half a century. We know NewsHour has featured Betty this past year on the topic of her park ranger retirement, and we imagine this BBS would take a completely different direction and share another fascinating layer of this incredible 102-year old’s life (as of March 2024)

Sign My Name to Freedom: The Lost Music of Betty Reid Soskin (90-Second Trailer)

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