Dolly Parton on "I Will Always Love You"
Dolly Parton on "I Will Always Love You"
Dolly Parton is a very multi-talented artist. Not only is she an incredible singer and songwriter, she's a very smart business woman.

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll himself, wanted to record her hit song "I Will Always Love You". Which Dolly wrote in 1973 and released in 1974.  To any songwriter that would be a dream come true, but Dolly had to say no because he also wanted to take some of the publishing money.

Thankfully, the song got another incredible recording when several years later Whitney Houston recorded it and made it her own while still sending the checks to Dolly.

Now that Dolly has spoken a bit about the song.  Here is her original version of the song along with versions by Whitney Houston and Kelly Clarkson.  Dolly recently spoke to Kelly about both. You can watch that interview segment here.

For good measure...just one more 🤣

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