Sherri Shepherd Breaks Down in Tears After Janet Jackson Surprises Her on Her Show
Sherri Shepherd Breaks Down in Tears After Janet Jackson Surprises Her on Her Show
Sherri Shepherd's big Christmas surprise is an escapade to Janet Jackson's first concert in the new year, and it was the "All For You" singer who delivered the big news!

During Friday's episode of Sherri, the 55-year-old daytime TV host's best friend and executive producer, Jawn Murray, finally revealed his big surprise to Shepherd after teasing all week something was in the works. For some time now, Murray wondered, "What do you give the woman who has everything? Even her own talk show." 

Enter Janet Jackson.

As the 56-year-old singer made her way to the stage, Shepherd lost it and started crying from pure excitement. She was in such shock, Shepherd questioned whether Jackson really made an appearance or if she was a hologram.

"I'm crying. The tears keep coming," she said. "I cannot believe that you are here. Are you real? Is this a hologram or is it Janet Jackson? Are you real? How is it possible that you're here? How did you get here?"

Jackson then channeled her inner Santa Claus and offered Shepherd a present.

"I brought you a little gift," she said while handing Shepherd a gift bag. "In April, I'm kicking off my Together Again tour and I wanted to invite you to the first show. If you want to come."

Shepherd immediately accepted the invite to the April 14 concert in Hollywood, Florida, and even offered her services should Jackson need assistance.

"I heard that you’re looking for people to dance with you on some of your shows," she said. "Can I do the one where you bring somebody on stage, and you do the straddle thing? If you need back up, I’ll stand in. I’ll do that for you."

Shepherd later took a moment to tell Jackson just how much she has meant to her personally.

"You have inspired me," she said. "I sat outside your first concert at Blockbuster or Warehouse Records trying to get tickets... I sat outside your house when you lived in Encino all night. When you came out the gate and you saw all of those people screaming, that was me. You have inspired me for so many years and you are so absolutely amazing."

Jackson's big surprise for Shepherd comes just days after the music legend announced her ninth concert tour. There was so much demand for the 33-city tour, the five-time GRAMMY Award winner later added more dates.

She announced the news in a brief Instagram Live posted to her page earlier this week. "You guys, I miss you so much. I am so excited to see you," she said in the video. "You guys have no idea. I've missed you so much, so much, and I can't wait to be with you. I'm so excited."

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