Iniko - "The King's Affirmation"
Iniko - "The King's Affirmation"
There's quite the story behind this song....

The song itself had already become popular by the singer Iniko who wrote the song.  Then another TikTok singer (Kris Kostov) decided to cover it.  Becoming popular as well.  With all of the copyright complaints back and forth...TikTok decided to ban the original; also written by the singer herself Iniko.  Making the only version availble by the "cover" singer. 

He eventually credited Iniko but the damage was done.  I'd say I smell a lawsuit but it has been since this past Spring.  Kris has removed all versions but it is still out there in the interwebs.  It wasn't bad. He just didn't credit the singer who also wrote the song.  So it got banned by TikTok like it was HIS song. 

At this years BET Awards; Taraji P. Henson made her entrance as host to the song.  Supporting Iniko.  Here is the original by Iniko for your listening pleasure.

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