Inside Boodles: The World's Most Expensive Jewelry
Inside Boodles: The World's Most Expensive Jewelry
Inside Boodles goes behind the scenes of the most luxurious jewelry store in the world.

Documentary delving into the unique world of one of Britain''s most exclusive jewellers, Boodles. This family-run business has been going for over 200 years and we follow the firm as it creates its most valuable collection of jewelery to date.

'Greenfire' is a collection of exquisite jewellery made from 18 rare Columbian emeralds. Meticulously hand-crafted, this 2.8 million pound 'suite' of jewellery includes matching earrings, pendant, bracelet and rings, as well as a stunning centrepiece: an emerald necklace set with over 1,300 diamonds and worth one million pounds.

As the necklace comes to life in the workshop, the charm offensive is in full swing as Boodles lend jewellery to their high-profile customers, entertain their top clients and host a glamorous party in Monaco to start the search for someone who might actually buy 'Greenfire'.

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