Where Do The Royal Family Get Their Jewelry?
Where Do The Royal Family Get Their Jewelry?
For the first time, exclusive access inside Asprey, jewellers to the royal family since Queen Victoria’s reign.

On one of London’s most prestigious streets stands a British institution that’s been trading its brand of luxury for over 230 years. Popular with super-rich clientèle whose desire for the finest quality along with a personalised service means that they are willing to pay a painfully high price to buy into the brand.

With exclusive access, we follow the fortunes of the staff, the store and its customers over one summer. We see the upstairs/downstairs world of the super-elite and the people who serve them.

From Elizabeth II to Cleopatra, Real Royalty peels back the curtain to give a glimpse into the lives of some of the most influential families in the world, with new full length documentaries posted every week covering the monarchies of today and all throughout history.

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