What Happens If A Super Volcano Erupts?
What Happens If A Super Volcano Erupts?
In the United States, in the state of Wyoming is a national park called Yellowstone. Infamous for it's beautiful nature it's also home to one of the world's largest volcanoes. The Yellowstone volcano is a super volcano and if it decided to erupt, the results would be devastating. But just how devastating would they be?

Super volcanoes are real events. A million times more powerful than Hiroshima with just over 20 having been recorded in the history of the earth and over half of these happened in the USA. For the last 30 years scientists have been investigating where the next super volcano could erupt. With all this research, it has revealed that an active super volcano exists under Yellowstone National Park.

If the Yellowstone Caldera erupted today, could we survive? How will impact USA?

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