Touring The Secluded Walled Gardens At Petworth House
Touring The Secluded Walled Gardens At Petworth House
The World of Interiors presents Visitors’ Book with Caroline Egremont at Petworth House. As the current custodian of Petworth House, Caroline welcomes us into the private walled gardens, located in the parish of Petworth, West Sussex.

As we tour the picturesque landscape, we develop an understanding of how and why Caroline curated flow within the space through the use of pergola and expertly defined passageways: “There are three arches in alignment, all through the six-acre garden. And the reason for the arches being lined up is because the horses & carriage used to come down to get the produce from the vegetable garden to take back to the house.” Watch the full episode of Visitors’ Book as we explore Petworth House’s peaceful walled gardens.

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