The Restoration of Colonial Williamsburg - The City That Stood Again (2021)
The Restoration of Colonial Williamsburg - The City That Stood Again (2021)
Colonial Williamsburg has a long history and a spectacular story. How it came to stand here as it does today is one piece of history that everyone should take the time to learn more about. An amazing vision to bring the old Capitol city of Colonial Virginia back to life is nothing short of an amazing feat of will and sheer determination.

From the Wren Building on the William and Mary campus, to all the way down The Duke of Gloucester Street to where the Grand Union flag flies high above the Capitol building, and every historic structure along Colonial Williamsburg’s most famous road….one man’s influences and early vision for restoration remains the very reason the 18th-century version of the city remains here today.

A remarkable account that began with only a thought of restoration, and then finally, the long haul pursuit to earn the financial support needed to raise Colonial Williamsburg as it once was. 

A sometimes painstaking undertaking, with many hurdles and delays, as well as unplanned moments of frustration, breakthrough and compromise. All of which eventually led the Reverend Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin in his attempt to carry out a monumental scheme of restoration in hopes of saving the old city from further destruction and modernization. His hope? To see the Colonial city stand again as it did once before. 

Williamsburg is a vast historic area where many well-known men of the Revolution sought out a road to independence, alas, free from British tyranny, amid the boundaries of the old Colonial city here. 

The likes of George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Wythe and many other popular figures of early American independence have walked the streets and lands of Colonial Williamsburg. This documentary is the story of a man who, later in time, was firmly dedicated to restoring this historic 18th-century city as these historical figures once knew it. 

Colonial Williamsburg is an outdoor living history museum that welcomes countless fans of Colonial history and curious visitors from across the globe each year. 

After viewing this documentary, hopefully, your next trip to Colonial Williamsburg will be enlightened with a new understanding and will allow you to see the historic town from a perspective you will appreciate equally as much as the extensive historical happenings that took place here.

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