The Horrifying True Story of the Witchfinder General
The Horrifying True Story of the Witchfinder General
In the 1640s in England, Matthew Hopkins worked as a witch-finder, discovering and torturing hundreds of women in eastern England. His evil work sent perhaps a hundred people to the gallows to be hanged. More than all the other witch hunters in England. The effects of this brutal witch hunt reverberated for years afterwards throughout England and even across the sea in the Salem witch trials of Massachusetts.

But who was this evil man? Why did he hunt witches? How did he find these people and what horrors did he inflict on them with his cruel investigations? How did he get away with it for years and what finally put an end to his campaign of terror? This is the horrifying story of the loathsome con man and fanatical witch hunter, the self-styled Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins. 


The Rise and Fall of The Most Brutal Witch Hunter

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