The History of the Gypsies (Roma)
The History of the Gypsies (Roma)
Known across the world by many names such as: "Gypsies", "Roma", "Romani", "Sinti", etc... ; the Gypsies played a crucial role in the development of the Balkans & the history of many of the countries that inhabit the region today such as: Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia, and many others outside of the region.

Yet, when talking about history, very rarely are the Roma mentioned or talked about. In this video we go over the origin of the Roma in India, their migration across the Silk Road and into the Balkans, their life in the Balkans & under the Ottoman Empire, the 20th century, their life under communism & finally modern times.

Forgotten History: the Romani (Gypsy) Migration from India to Europe

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