The Andy Williams Christmas Show (1966)
The Andy Williams Christmas Show (1966)
Beloved crooner Andy Williams sings his way through a Winter Wonderland of cherished Christmas classics, including "Carol Of The Bells," "Mary's Boy Child," and his trademark rendition of "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year."

With the help of his wife, French songstress Claudine Longet; his singing siblings the Williams Brothers; and showbiz legends the Osmond Brothers.

  • 0:00 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  • 2:20 We Need a Little Christmas
  • 7:34 Frivolous Four Plus One
  • 8:18 Heigh Ho
  • 8:47 Whistle While You Work
  • 13:37 The Christmas Song
  • 17:00 Love In A Home
  • 19:50 Winter Weather
  • 20:26 Winter Wonderland
  • 23:03 Carol of the Bells
  • 24:56 My Favorite Things
  • 29:14 Caroling, Caroling
  • 31:20 Mary's Little Boy Child
  • 38:00 Love In A Home
  • 39:53 Silent Night

Live in concert. December 18, 1966.

Starring: Andy Williams, Claudine Longet, the Williams Brothers, and the Osmond Brothers.

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