Step Inside The Most Densely Populated Place on Earth
Step Inside The Most Densely Populated Place on Earth
On November 15th of 2022 the world reached a new population landmark of eight billion people. This was a significant moment for many reasons but mainly because we have never had quite so many people all breathing the air on planet earth at the same time.

There are reasons to be concerned - you know, given all the resources required to sustain a planet that is heaving under the wight of its people - but there is still a whole lot of space left to squeeze in a bunch more, especially if we take a leaf out of these cities books.  They are positively stuffing people into every available space, or cupboard, or kitchen drawer…

From the most notoriously dangerous place in the history of squashed-in populations, to places where eight people share a space of just 12 feet square, here are the 20 Most Densely Populated Places On The Planet.


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