Secret Societies (Extra History)
Secret Societies (Extra History)
Extra History takes you on a journey into the depths of secret societies. Starting with The Cult of Mithras which would later come to define other secret societies with their mysterious rituals, initiation rites, rank systems, and whispers of magic that spread throughout Roman society, particularly among soldiers.

The Cult of Mithras (Roman History)

For the next installment in this series; Join us on a journey through the origins, rise, and fall of The Illuminati, from its inception by Adam Weishaupt to its demise under government scrutiny. Discover how this revolutionary society spread its influence through Freemason lodges, recruiting intellectuals and officials alike, and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy theories that continue to shroud its legacy.

The Illuminati

In this final installment of Secret Societies; The Knights of the Golden Circle's ambitious plans aim to establish a vast empire stretching from Virginia to Belize, perpetuating slavery and reshaping Latin America. However, poor planning and communication lead to chaos, and the expedition ultimately fizzles out, leaving Bickley's grand vision unrealized. Despite its failure, the Knights of the Golden Circle leave a lasting impact on history, influencing events such as the Confederate invasion of the Southwest.

Knights of the Golden Circle

The Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley

The Yakuza

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