Saving the Kiwi: Protecting New Zealand’s National Bird
Saving the Kiwi: Protecting New Zealand’s National Bird
Kiwi birds, New Zealand's national symbol, are unique animals. But they are in danger of becoming extinct. Who is responsible? And what can be done to save them?

New Zealand was once home to around twelve million kiwi birds. Today, their population is less than 70,000. This drastic decline is mainly due to predators, such as rats and stoats, that hunt young kiwi chicks, or go after the flightless birds and their large eggs in their underground nests.

One way to save the species is to take their eggs, and bring them to safety in incubators. But finding these eggs isn’t easy. Luckily, thousands of people have joined the massive conservation program.

Among them is Diane Prince, who has become an expert at ‘egg lifting’ and says it would be "pretty bad” if New Zealanders, who call themselves ‘kiwis’ would let their national bird die out. DW Reporter Joel Dullroy joined her and other volunteers on their mission to save the kiwi.

How Does The Tiny Kiwi Bird Survive When It Can't Fly?

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