Major Alchemical Symbols
Major Alchemical Symbols
Alchemy was an area of study rich with symbols that were more than just signs.

Alchemists used these symbols to encapsulate their unique blend of science, mysticism, and philosophy. They were also used as a universal language and a means to guard their secretive practices. Beyond their practical meanings, alchemy symbols held great symbolic representations. 


  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:31 - Number 1: The Three Primes
  • 2:01 - Number 2: Four Classical Elements
  • 4:11 - Number 3: Seven Planetary Metals
  • 6:18 - Number 4: The Mundane Elements 
  • 7:35 - Number 5: Symbols Representing Philosophical Concepts

Alchemical Symbols:

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