Louis Cato: Tiny Desk Concert
Louis Cato: Tiny Desk Concert
There is something special about Louis Cato’s ability to captivate an audience. During this Tiny Desk, he expresses his belief that music is most powerful when experienced in a live setting — it’s there that we build community. With rhythmic strumming and a winning smile, he draws us into his honest, thoughtful and vulnerable storytelling.

Not only does Cato sing and excel at multiple instruments, he holds his own on the other side of the microphone, producing, mixing and, most visibly, serving as bandleader for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. If this is your first encounter with Cato, you’ll quickly get a sense of his immense musicality.

He’s the type of musician who inspires other musicians and, as such, is very much in demand. Indeed, at the Tiny Desk, it's a fellowship of good vibes as Cato and his band — bassist Jeremy McDonald, guitarist Randy Runyon and drummer James Williams — guide us through an introspective journey of the love we have for others, ourselves and humanity. 


  • Cutie Baby
  • Reflections
  • Unsightly Room
  • Human

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