Jamiroquai - Live at the Jazz Cafe (2006)
Jamiroquai - Live at the Jazz Cafe (2006)
Jay Kay was over the moon to be back at a venue he hadn't played since 1992. He clearly had a deep affection for the place that had helped break him into stardom all those years ago.

He repeatedly told the crowd how much fun he was having and attempted, with limited success, to tell jokes and entertain the crowd with amusing stories in-between songs.

But it was the music that really won the crowd over as he played a greatest hits set, including 'Virtual Insanity', and finishing with 'Emergency On Planet Earth'.


  • High Times
  • Space Cowboy
  • If I like It I Do It
  • Emergency on Planet Earth
  • Seven Days in Sunny June
  • Black Capricorn Day
  • Canned Heat
  • Use The Force
  • Travelling Without Moving
  • Runaway
  • Virtual Insanity

Concert Recorded: Wednesday 25 October 2006, Camden, London

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