Inside a Glowing NYC Theater With Shape-Shifting Rooms
Inside a Glowing NYC Theater With Shape-Shifting Rooms
Architectural Digest travels to Lower Manhattan to tour the newly completed Perelman Performing Arts Center. An integral part of the new World Trade Center site, architects Joshua Ramus and David Rockwell were eager to give the arts a new home in the area.

Ramus calls the building a “mystery box” as the theater’s 3 auditoria ingeniously extend and combine to create over 62 stage-audience configurations, resulting in a different space each time you visit. But what makes this building so special is revealed at dusk when the chandeliers shine through its 5,000 marble tile exterior, causing it to glow. As this unique space finally opens its doors, the ultimate hope for Perelman is to inspire artists to create profound work–in turn inspiring the public.

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