Easter Island Origins
Easter Island Origins
New evidence reveals the real story of Easter Island and the ancient builders of its iconic stone heads.

How were the giant stone heads of Rapa Nui–also known as Easter Island–carved and raised, and why? Since Europeans arrived on this remote Pacific island over 300 years ago, controversy has swirled around the iconic ancient statues and the history of the people who created them. Now, a new generation of researchers is overturning old theories, revealing the rich history, innovation, and resilience of the Rapanui people, and uncovering intriguing new evidence about where they–and their practice of monumental stone building–came from. 


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 05:37 Where did the Rapanui Ancestors Migrate From?
  • 20:45 Significance of Stone Statues on Easter Island
  • 25:46 The Arrival of the First Europeans on Easter Island
  • 29:00 How the Rapanui People Used Resources Sustainably
  • 37:39 How Were the Moai Transported and Why?
  • 49:22 The True Collapse of Rapa Nui



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