Cinderella - Dark Original Version by Brothers Grimm 1812
Cinderella - Dark Original Version by Brothers Grimm 1812
This video unveils the dark and enchanting world of “Cinderella,” a story with ancient roots that stretch back to the era of oral fairytales, whispered through the ages. Originating from the heart of Germany, this narrative was meticulously recorded by the legendary Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in the year 1812, offering a glimpse into a version far more shadowy and sinister than the Disney version we all grew up with.

From mystical golden slippers to the echo of midnight chimes, this video promises to immerse you in the eerie charm of a story that has haunted and enchanted through the ages. This rendition is brought to life through cutting-edge AI animation, blending the ancient with the futuristic to cast a spellbinding experience. 

Drawing from the profound insights of Marie-Louise von Franz, remember that all fairytales act as a mirror to the collective unconscious, unveiling universal themes and archetypal characters that resonate deeply with the human psyche. This story transcends its narrative to become a guide of symbols for the process of female individuation, reflecting a feminine journey towards psychological integration and self-discovery.

Through symbolic language akin to the dreamscape, “Cinderella” presents not just a tale of trials and triumphs, but a pathway to understanding the deeper layers of personal growth and the archetypal journey ingrained in our collective heritage.

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