Bozo's Circus (9/10/1979)
Bozo's Circus (9/10/1979)
Here's the complete Live broadcast of an edition of Bozo's Circus on WGN Channel 9 from when it was still in its prime. Bob Bell is Bozo, Roy Brown is Cooky, Frazier Thomas is the ringmaster, Garfield Goose and Friends are along for the ride (although we don't see him in this episode except for the intro), and juggler Paul Bachman is at center ring, all backed by the Bozo Big-Top Band.


WGN-TV station ID (voiceover by Merri Dee) (music snippet of "The Last Farewell" by Roger Whittaker had to be muted to avoid YouTube copyright blockage)

Frazier kicks things off with the open, followed by his interactions with the audience, Bozo and Cooky singing "Hi, Neighbor," their hands getting stuck at one point and trying to avoid Frazier's seltzer shpritzing

Commercials for:

McDonald's (Ronald takes a trip on a treehouse elevator which stops at weird floors) (with voiceover promo for appearance at Rensselaer, IN parade for September 15th by Merri Dee)

Buster Brown "Shhhhs" shoes (featuring the little girl from Airplane! who liked her coffee black - Michelle Stacy) (ending voiceover by Merri Dee)

Bozo's TV Powww! game, with Lisa Eddingfield, 9, of Aurora on other end of line, with plugs for Apple radio, Careers board game, 7up and Schwinn SX-100 Motorcross Competition bike

Frazier asks who's their favorite clown, leading to "Bozo: The World's Most Famous Clown" cartoon about filming a Western

Grand Prize Game with Jeff, 4, and Candy, 9-1/2 ($32 in Bucket #6!) with at-home players Greg Briese, 5-1/2, of Madison, IL (for Jeff) and Barb Root, 11, of Dubuque, IA (for Candy)

Commercials for:

Cheerios (with stick-figure acrobat)

The Barbie Dream House Colorforms set - from Mattel

In center ring, Mr. B, Clown Prince of Juggling, (Paul Bachman) juggles to BozoBand Instrumentals of "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head", "I'll Never Fall In Love Again", "Alley Cat," and ?? first with balls, then with bowling pins and round objects, and finally jumping rope while on a unicycle

Promo for The Groovie Goolies (misspelled as "Groovy Goolies") for 4pm (voiceover by Carl Greyson)

Commercials for:

Honey Nut Cheerios

3 Musketeers [audio had to be muted to avoid copyright blockage]

Post Alpha-Bits Cereal

Cooky laments his having to water elephants with a bucket, then Bozo and Frazier go over the basis of bike safety with a bike, and Bozo, with a book on hypnosis, hypnotizes Cooky to carry out mischief

Augie Doggie cartoon "Ape to Z" [1960] [cartoon had to be mostly edited out to avoid Copyright blockage]

Frazier assembles Ryan, Kim, Kevin(?), Michelle, (?), Timmy, Rosalyn and Ann to play bean bag toss (hot potato game) by process of elimination, and winner gets P.E.G.S. (Parker Electronic Game System) from Parker Brothers

Promo for Sgt. Bilko for 5pm (ending voiceover by Carl Greyson)

PSA - "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires" (with match burning in slow motion)

Commercial: Adler Planetarium, John G. Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum in Chicago's Grant Park

Frazier concludes this edition by signaling for the Grand March, over which the end credits are displayed as Bozo with the baton leads the audience members who file out of the studio:

Bozo's Circus

(C) 1979, WGN Continental Broadcasting Co.

Starring Bob Bell, Roy Brown, Frazier Thomas

The prizes awarded on this show were furnished in consideration for the promotional value of the prizes.

Musical Director - Tom Fitzsimmons

Asst. Director - Barbara Shikami

Producer - Allen Hall

Directed by Don Strukel

Bozo's Circus

Bozo the Clown - Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation

Licensed & Distributed by Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation

First 40 seconds of Mid-Day Report with Merri Dee:

- 32-year-old parolee confesses to starting Our Lady of the Angels School fire in 1958, and she explains how WGN News got the scoop on that; first few seconds of first in a series of reports from producer Alex Burkholder before recording ends (if you'd like to see a more complete version of one of the WGN reports from this story, go here:  (WGN Channel 9 - John Drury and NewsNi... )


This aired on local Chicago TV on Monday, September 10th 1979 within the 12pm to 1pm timeframe.

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