Barbie vs Sindy: Who Wins the Fashion Race?
Barbie vs Sindy: Who Wins the Fashion Race?
Meet the original 1959 Barbie – she's stylish, glamorous, the ultimate California girl. But have you met her fashion rival Sindy? Slightly younger, slightly cooler – Sindy was launched in 1963 as Britain's answer to a dress-up fashion doll, with a super stylish wardrobe designed by legendary sixties womenswear label Foale & Tuffin.

Watch as Assistant Curator Trish Roberts picks out some of her favourite Barbie and Sindy dolls at the V&A – from an extremely rare Sindy designed by Vivienne Westwood, to the first Black Barbie, and a contemporary doll modelled in the image of Trans-activist and actress Laverne Cox. Who wins the fashion race?

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