A Tour of Bran (DRACULA) Castle
A Tour of Bran (DRACULA) Castle
Bran, also known as Dracula's Castle is Romania’s most visited landmark. It is located in the village of Bran, about 30 km from Brasov. The video shows a tour of Dracula castle.

The Castle owes its fame to its history, imposing towers, and the myth created around Bram Stocker's fictitious character Dracula.

It's widely believed that Vlad III Dracula (Wallachian Prince), known by the nickname Vlad the Impaler, has served as an inspiration for Stoker’s character, Count Dracula. In 1992, it was released Bram Stoker's Dracula horror film directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola.

Since Bran Castle is the only castle in Transylvania that fits Bram Stoker’s description of Dracula’s Castle, it has gained the fame of being Dracula’s Castle.

However, Bran Castle was not home of Vlad III. It is believed that he might have never been at that place. The real residence of Vlad III Dracula is the castle Poenari, in the county of Arges, Romania. The castle has long been abandoned, now it's in ruins.

Today, Bran is open as a museum, largely devoted to Queen Marie, the British wife of King Ferdinand I of Romania. From 1920 to 1948 Bran Castle served as a royal residence. You will see on display art and furniture collected by Queen Marie.

You can also buy extra tickets to see the medieval torture instruments exhibition and the Time tunnel where an interesting multimedia show is played.

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