A Surreal Early Morning Walk in a Dreamlike Cotswold Village
A Surreal Early Morning Walk in a Dreamlike Cotswold Village
Out and about walking in the Cotswold village(s) of Eastleach, which is located in the county of Gloucestershire. Eastleach has a population of over 300.

Eastleach is a bit of an unusual one as essentially there are two villages (Eastleach Turville & Eastleach Martin) which are divided by the River Leach. Two stone bridges were built to provide access to each village. One bridge is a road bridge and the other a clapper bridge. The clapper bridge is called the Keble Bridge as it was named after a local curate of St. Michael & St. Martin in Eastleach Martin, who was also the founder of a Sunday School. The Church of St. Andrew sits just across the river in Eastleach Turville, bizarrely the two churches almost face each other. This might just be the first time we have visited two churches during a single walk.

Eastleach Turville is the bigger of the two villages which has a public house called the Victoria Inn. It was in 1935 that the two villages were amalgamated into one civil paraish. In Eastleach there are many listed buildings.  

There are no hidden OAAW logos in this video, however see if you can spot two wild rabbits gleefully playing.

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