A Mystic Journey Through Thangka Art
A Mystic Journey Through Thangka Art
There is a saying you’ll occasionally encounter within Western Buddhism that says something along the lines of “Zen Buddhism is for poets and Tibetan Buddhism is for artists”.

Although this was just an observation from an academic view of Buddhism coined by the American spiritual book author, Robert Wright, , there is a certain air of truth to it, particularly when looking at the vast and vibrant diversity of religious artwork that can be found within Tibetan Buddhism.

Some of these paintings mounted on these elaborate textile scrolls, known as thangkas, are an integral decoration of temples and buddhist centres that practise a certain tradition of Buddhism, or in another context, a certain path towards liberation, known as Vajrayana Buddhism.

Each one has a profound spiritual significance and importance, each one has an element of mystery and awe, even to those outside of the Buddhist faith. I know it’s a bit of a jump outside of my normal routine on this channel but since a lot of you seem to enjoy my occasional videos on world art, like my video on masks from around the world for example, I thought this could be an interesting topic to explore together.

There’s plenty of fascinating symbolism to be discovered within the imagery of each of these mesmerising and unique artworks, and hopefully I can help shed a little bit more light on what some of these thangkas mean and what they represent.

I invite you on a spiritual journey through the mysterious world of Thangka Art.

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