10 Witch Fantasy Shows to Watch Now
10 Witch Fantasy Shows to Watch Now
These are the 10 best witches in fantasy shows to watch now. Out of all the fantasy shows we are able to binge watch now these are the ones with the best witches.

Some of the best fantasy shows to watch have shifted away from witches using their magic to be completely evil to now using them to be the heroes instead, like Diana Bishop in The Discovery of Witches.

These must watch shows have also demonstrated that some of the strongest tv witches now usually start off with little to no knowledge of their magical abilities. With that being said, we believe that it's time that some of the future top fantasy tv shows go back to having an all powerful witch from the very beginning.

One of the best fantasy shows to binge watch now demonstrates how to perfectly utilize a powerful witch if only it was for one season. With fantasy series being one of the top genres in drawing in a large audience we can expect more shows with witches to keep being put out for audiences to binge watch.

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