Rare Audio of Enslaved People Connects History to the Present
Rare Audio of Enslaved People Connects History to the Present
ABC News’ Alex Presha examines rare audio of formerly enslaved people to preserve their stories, and interviews one of their descendants, in partnership with the 10 Million Names project.

10 Million Names is dedicated to recovering the names of the estimated ten million men, women, and children of African descent who were enslaved in pre- and post-colonial America (specifically, the territory that would become the United States) between the 1500s and 1865.

10 Million Names is engaging a collaborative network of expert genealogists, cultural organizations, and community-based family historians. Together we will amplify the voices of people who have been telling their family stories for centuries, connect researchers and data partners with people seeking answers to family history questions, and expand access to data, resources, and information about enslaved African Americans.

You can check out more about this project on their website.

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