Maison Margiela Artisanal Collection 2024
Maison Margiela Artisanal Collection 2024
The ritual of dressing is a composition of the self. With the body as our canvas, we build an exterior expressive of the interior: a form of emotion.

The Maison Margiela 2024 Artisanal Collection paints a picture of the practices and occurrences that shape the character reflected within our dress.

Under Pont Alexandre III, bathed in the light of the first full moon of the year, Creative Director John Galliano captures a moment in time: a walk through the underbelly of Paris, offline.

*contains some nudity*

John Galliano, Gwendoline Christie and Pat McGrath look back at Maison Margiela's already iconic 2024 Artisanal Collection show. Galliano's haute couture masterpiece took the fashion world by storm, inspiring leagues of TikTok influencers to take a shot at their version of Pat McGrath's porcelain doll makeup.

The Story Behind John Galliano’s Viral 2024 Maison Margiela Show

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